Join Port Alberni author Gwynne Hunt for an author event celebrating her new book, Unlocking the Tin Box.

In this two-hour workshop on Storytelling and Traditions, Gwynne Hunt explores the art and the journey of storytelling with a reading from her new book, hand outs on ‘getting started’ and discussion.

From the publisher:

This is the true story of the trials and tribulations, the joys and sorrows. the drugs, alcohol and abuse of growing up in Vancouver, BC in the 50s and 60s in a dysfunctional family: Father and mother alcoholics and the father a con man and a carny, but still a caring Dad who somehow made it work and kept the family together and surviving. The narrative is peppered with history and local landmarks. A fresh and invigorating read that brings both smiles and tears to the reader, it is emotional, evocative, and raw yet quite an entertaining, eye-opening lovely read indeed.

———Candice James, Silver Bow Publishing