Join us for an afternoon of reflection and readings from Carol Matthews’ & Terence Young’s latest works. This event is sure to please literature and poetry fans!

About the works

Carol Matthews latest book is Ariadne Then and Now:The Labyrinth and the End of Times from Neopoiesis Press.

Turning to Ariadne, the Mistress of the labyrinth, the author asks for advice about how to face the end of times: aging and death. Just as the Cretan story of the Minotaur describes a journey towards death, Matthews travels labyrinths with her husband and others while consulting with her imaginary guide about what lies ahead. Unlike a maze which can trick and deceive you, leading to blind alleys and dead ends, the labyrinth is a trustworthy route on which you cannot be lost. Matthews follows the winding path, reflecting on poetry, folklore and psychology while receiving wisdom from the mythical Ariadne.

Terence Young’s latest book of poetry is titled Smithereens from Harbour Publishing.

In Smithereens, Terence Young ranges widely among forms, subjects, tones and moods, invoking the domestic world of family and home, as well as the associated realms of work and play. He describes the simple pleasure of losing one’s bearings and seeing the world anew in “Tender is the Night,” and in “The Bear” he records the near-magical appearance at a summer cabin of a creature that hasn’t been seen in the area in over fifty years. The ironic benefits of a house fire, the late-night sounds of a downtown alley, the smells of a summer morning in the Gulf islands—all of these serve as vehicles for reminiscence, meditation and humour. Elsewhere in the collection, he summons an elegiac mood, remembering in poems like “Surcease,” “Fern Island Candle,” “The Morning Mike Dies,” and “Gary” some of the friends who have left his world. More than any of his previous books, though, Smithereens features poems that are playful, in which language is often associative, surprising and fun. It is a collection that will reward readers, whatever their temperament upon picking it up, and it will also invite them to return to its pages again and again.

About the Authors

Carol Matthews…

…retired after four decades of work in hospital, community and academic settings, now spends her days reading, reviewing, ranting and writing. She has published a collection of short fiction, five books of non-fiction and memoir, and has edited a collection of dog poetry. Her short stories, articles and reviews have appeared in a variety of literary and academic journals. Her blog, Carol Matthews These Days, is an outlet for her rants and community activism. She has been recipient of various prizes and awards including the Order of BC and an Honorary Doctorate from Vancouver Island University.

Carol lives on Vancouver Island on the traditional unceded territory of the Coast Salish people.

Terence Young…

Terence Young lives in Victoria, B.C., where he has recently retired from teaching English and creative writing at St. Michaels University School.  He is a co-founder of The Claremont Review (1992), an international literary journal for young writers that has, after 25 years of service to the writing community, sadly closed its doors. His first book of poetry, The Island in Winter (Signal Editions, 1999), was shortlisted for the Governor General’s Award and the Gerald Lampert Award.  Since then, he has published several books: a collection of stories, Rhymes With Useless (Raincoast, 2000), which was one of two runners-up for the annual Danuta Gleed award; a novel, After Goodlake’s, which received the City of Victoria Butler Book Prize in 2005; and a second collection of poetry, Moving Day (Signature Editions, 2006), which was nominated for both the Dorothy Livesay Poetry Prize and The City of Victoria Butler Book Prize for 2006.  In 2008, he was awarded the Prime Minister’s Award for Teaching Excellence, an honour shared with fifteen other teachers from across Canada that year.  A second collection of fiction, The End of the Ice Age, was released from Biblioasis Press in the spring of 2010. A story from that collection, “That Time of Year,” was included in Oberon Press’s edition of Best Canadian Stories 11 (2012). More recently (2019), he received a National Magazine Award (Silver) for his poem “The Bear.” His third collection of poetry, Smithereens, came out in March, 2021, from Harbour Publishing.

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