February 13 Branches Reopen

February 13, 2019

All branches are open Wednesday, February 13, weather and staff capacity permitting.

We will continue to monitor all  weather forecasts and update this page as necessary.
Thank you all for your understanding during this period of significant snowfall.

Please contact your branch if you have any questions.

What if my items were overdue?

VIRL will waive any fines incurred as a result of the branch closures.

How can I continue to access my account if my branch is closed?

You can log into your account at http://search.virl.bc.ca and click on the login link at the top right. From here, you can make payments, check your holds, change your account information and more.

What if I need help or have questions?

You can find the most information on virl.bc.ca (or our catalogue at http://search.virl.bc.ca).

You can also send an email to info@virl.bc.ca and a helpful staff will respond as soon as our branches reopen.

Check back here for regular updates.