Summer Reading Club

It's time to embark on a reading adventure!

Summer Reading Club officially starts on July 4th, but you can register online today. Our library branches will be hosting a ton of events and parties leading all the way up to August 20th!

Each summer, Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) offers a free Summer Reading Club to help children stay on top of this important skill while they are out of school.  Summer Reading Club motivates kids to read by providing:

  • Materials so kids can track their reading success: prizes, reading records, stickers, an interactive  website, and other reading-related information and activities.
  • Medals for all children who complete a reading record.
  • Kick-off and wind-up parties at the library to celebrate Summer Readers’ successes.
  • Supportive library staff to help kids enjoy reading.

Summer Reading Club is for all children ages 0-12!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I join?

Register online through the links above or go to any branch of Vancouver Island Regional Library:

  • The Summer Reading Club officially starts July 4, but pre-registration begins June 20.
  • Kids are welcome to register throughout July and early August.
  • Watch for Summer Reading Club events happening all summer at your local branch!


How do I win prizes?

You get a chance to win a prize each time you have seven entries filled out in your Reading Record.  Then visit your library to enter the book prize draw!


What is the Passport for and how do I use it?

The Passport contains a list of fun, literacy-related tasks that you can attempt to accomplish throughout the summer. When you complete a task, bring your Passport to the library to receive a stamp and a Passport Draw Slip.

o   You can bring your passport back to the library every time you complete one or more tasks, until all of your tasks are stamped.

o   At the end of the summer, we will draw one winner from each branch. The winner will receive an outdoor adventure backpack.

o   Travelling this summer? Visit Vancouver Island Regional Library’s other branches along the way. On the back of your passport there is spot for you to collect stamps from the different library branches you visit.


How do I use the Reading Record?

The record has 7 lines per page. Every time you read something, or someone reads to you, simply fill in a line in your reading record.  

  • If you read a little every day and record each reading session, you’ll have a page filled out in one week, and the reading record will be full by the end of the summer. (That’s easy!)
  • Enter a prize draw in the library every time you fill in a page.
  • When you fill up your reading record, get another one from the library. 
  • Once you have filled up one reading record, you are eligible for a Reading Achievement Medal. Ask at your branch how the medals are awarded.


I can't decide what to read.  Do you have any suggestions?

Visit the Vancouver Island Regional Library's Books & Stories page.  You'll find plenty of suggestions there, separated into categories such as Awards, Recommended Reading and Staff Picks, and eStories.


How can I find Summer Reading Club events at my library?

Visit the Vancouver Island Regional Library Programs & Events page and select your branch from the drop-down menu, or drop-in and ask at your local library!

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