DAISY Reader Quick Start Guide


Daisy Victor Reader Classic Quick Start Guide
Please keep the Victor reader plugged in when you are using it.
This will not affect the battery.
 If you use the Victor reader without the power cord the battery charge
lasts about 2 ½ hours but it takes a minimum of 12 hours to recharge
when plugged back in.
  • To turn on the Victor reader, hold the Power button down for 2 seconds.  You will hear “Welcome to Victor Reader Classic”.
  • To turn off the Victor reader, hold the Power button down for 2 seconds.  You should hear 2 short beeps indicating it has turned off.
  • To play a CD, insert your CD in the CD slot in the front of the Victor reader and it will play automatically after a few seconds.  
  • To stop playing a CD, press the Play/Stop button. To resume playing, press the Play/Stop button.
  • To adjust the Volume, Speed or Tone, press the upper button to increase and the lower button to decrease for each quality.  
  • To move from chapter to chapter in an MP3-CD, use the Move Forward and Move Back buttons.  
  • To move from section to section in a Daisy CD, use the Scroll Up or Scroll Down buttons to navigate between the levels (e.g. chapters, headings or pages). Once you have selected the level, use the Move Forward or Move Back button to navigate through the chapters or indexing levels.
  • To Rewind or Fast Forward, hold the appropriate button down. The longer you hold the button down the faster the rewind or fast forward movement. For the first 3 seconds the movement is only for a few words.  For each additional 3 seconds you continue to hold the button, the backward or forward motion will increase to 1 minute, 2 minutes, 5 minutes, 10 minutes, 15 minutes and so on. The Victor reader will announce the time jumps.  
  • To find your place in the book, press the Information button. You will hear the title of the book, how long the book is and how much time is remaining.  
  • To bookmark a particular spot, hold down the Bookmark button until you hear that a bookmark has been inserted. Each bookmark is automatically numbered.  
  • Press the Bookmark button once to find the bookmarked spots. Use the Move Forward and Move Back buttons to go through the list of numbered bookmarks.
  • To delete the bookmarks, press the Bookmark button twice. You will hear a message Saying that all bookmarks will be deleted. You will be asked to confirm the deletion by pressing the Play/Stop button. To cancel the deletion, press any other button.  
  • Please delete all your bookmarks when you are ready to return the Victor reader as a courtesy to the next customer.
  • To activate a power-off Sleep timer, press the Info button twice to select Sleep mode and then use the left/right arrows to select the amount of time the Victor reader will play before it powers off. Press the Info button twice again to determine how much time remains.
  • The Victor reader will announce a 1 minute warning message before it powers off with a final message that the Sleep timer has ended.  
  • To eject a CD, press the Eject button. If this does not work, you can force an  eject by pressing the Scroll Down button, followed by the Eject button and then the Power button.

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