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Librarians on the Radio airs on CHLY 101.7 FM as part of Changes: The Show on Sustainability. Our librarians have a great time hosting on-air author visits and regular booktalks, and sharing all sorts of perspectives on literature, librarianship and what's happening at your local VIRL branch. While Librarians on the Radio airs on Nanaimo airwaves, we love contributions from all over the island.

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We're pleased to collect our episodes here for your listening pleasure wherever you are. All episodes are hosted on the Internet Archive in the Nanaimo Community Radio Library. You can also plug the Nanaimo Community Radio Library's RSS feed into your podcasting app to never miss an episode of Changes, including LotR (we are currently testing it in iTunes if you'd like to try that link).

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Librarians on Warm Welcomes and Spooky Farewells - Oct 18/16

In this episode Jen Seper talks about forgiving fines for Welcome Back Week, Emily and Justin read some spooky tales and Lara Wright shares some music. It's also Justin and Emily's final Librarians on the Radio, but I promise no one cried.

Librarians on Stitching, Statistics, and Stretching Your Mind - Sep 20/16

Our back to school 2016 episode is all about learning outside the classroom. Vancouver Island Regional Library members now have access to the elearning resource and Emily Orr is here talking about what it means for you. We also chat with Darby Love and the Island Stitchery Guild about some upcoming events in Nanaimo. We close it out with Patrick Siebold and Justin Unrau debating (in lively fashion) the results of reading authors we assume we don't like.

Librarians on Olympic-Level Geekery - Aug 16/16

In this episode Emily Orr shares a host of information about wearable technology at the Olympics and what it can imply for regular people who'll be adopting it in the years to come. We also have Jonathon Bigelow talking about the inaugural GeekCon being held at the Nanaimo Harbourfront library and Patrick and Justin bookfight a pair of novels challenging a rational way of looking at the world.

Librarians on Democracy (Rerun) - Jul 19/16

Justin hosts a rebroadcast of 2015's Librarians on Democracy interviews to check in with how the new current Canadian government is doing compared to the old on information issues.

Librarians on the Challenges of Summer - Jun 21/16

Summer Reading is upon us once again! Justin Unrau and Emily Orr talk with librarians from around the Vancouver Island Regional Library system about the different ways the library is challenging our users this summer, from cryptography to intertextual footnotes to googly eyes. This is a very booktalk-heavy episode so if you're looking for some suggestions, listen up!

Librarians on Science - May 17/16

In our Librarians on Science episode, we're dealing with presenting complicated information in ways everyone can use. Our librarians interview a scientist (Dr. Bethany Coulthard), talk about disseminating scientific knowledge (through Open Access and less-than-legal means) and recommend science fiction books about complex gender roles (in a bookfight).

Librarians on BookFest and Creative Connectivity - Apr 19/16

In this episode our librarians talk about BookFest and other connections between readers and producers of culture. Emily Orr also teaches us a bit about internet-assisted poetry, we chat Star Wars and also find out a bit about the In Our Own Voice writing contests for teen and aboriginal writers.

Librarians on a Green Tuesday - Mar 15/16

Emily Orr brings us news of encryption and legal battles in this Ides of March episode. Who is getting stabbed in the back in the name of striking blows against tyranny?

Also, Patrick and Justin bookfight with short story collections, we have a James Joyce story for our Irish quotient, and we celebrate a song's birthday.

Librarians on Fracking and Freedom to Read - Feb 16/16

This episode is all about getting you fired up for Freedom to Read Week 2016.

Justin Unrau shares a talk about censorship and children's literature, we hear from a bunch of librarians reading from challenged works, and in our bookfight Patrick Siebold talks about fracking and climate change and how stories will persevere.

Librarians on Literacy, Love and Learning Magic - Jan 19/16

Check out our feature interview with Steven Loring, director of the documentary The Age of Love (which will be screened at the Nanaimo North branch as part of a very special event in February). It's full of insight about a culture it can be easy to forget about.

Also, Emily Orr talks about early literacy apps for Family Literacy Day, Justin talks about how the public domain in Canada will be hurt by the Trans Pacific Partnership agreement, and Patrick is back for a long-delayed bookfight about magical academy stories.

Librarians on Refugees and Holiday Gifting - Dec 15/15

Monica Finn and Justin Unrau talk about how Vancouver Islanders are welcoming Syrian refugees, how libraries can help, and who people can contact to do more. Plus there's a rather one-sided bookfight some discussion of the surveillance-society issues raised by The Elf on the Shelf and a rebroadcast of last year's Harbourfront Holiday reading of The Latke Who Couldn't Stop Screaming.

(The reading of O. Henry's "The Gift of the Magi" is abridged in this podcast because a different version will be part of the December 29th storytime episode.)

The podcast of the episode is now available, along with past episodes.

Librarians on Gaming Creativity - Nov 17/15

Our librarians talk about the joys of creating your own stories using the medium of roleplaying (and other) games. Plus, Emily Orr talks about how the Nanaimo Harbourfront library's new Creativity Commons can help support people's learning and story creation, especially when November's National Novel Writing Month winds up.

This episode is a whirlwind introduction to the RPG form with a lot of reference to Greg Stolze's article How to Play Roleplaying Games plus a couple of actual play podcast excerpts from Role Playing Public Radio (the games used were Delta Green and Dungeon World) and a chunk of the game Once Upon a Time from the Geek and Sundry show TableTop.

Librarians on Democracy - Sep 22/15

In our Librarians on Democracy episode, Emily Orr and Justin Unrau talked about the information issues at play in the federal election. We discuss bill C-51, Access to Information, surveillance, privacy, democracy and civil liberties with a range of informative guests. Plus, Patrick Siebold and Justin bookfight anarchist-themed novels from the 1970s.

If the 1-hour episode isn't enough for you, we also have the Librarians Off the Radio longer versions of each of the main interviews. Emily Orr's full length interview with David Christopher from OpenMedia:

We talked with Micheal Vonn from the BC Civil Liberties Association:

Also, Justin interviewed Vincent Gogolek from BC FIPA.

Librarianautica - Fairy Tale Hour - Sep 1/15

In this storytime for grownups show J Jack Unrau and Emily Orr read fairy tales from the brothers Grimm, Mark Twain, Stanislaw Lem and more. Most of them are strange and more than a few have a bit of a death predilection. Enjoy! (The incidental music in this episode is Irish Fairy (Remember the Oscar Wilde) by the Underscore Orkestra and Fairy Tale by Plushgoolash.)

Librarians on Mysterious Summer Education - Aug 18/15

In this episode we're catching you up on how librarians spend the summer months. Justin Unrau chats with VIRL librarians Julie Carter, Robin Kelley and Amy Dawley about fun things happening in their libraries, and with Marlene Dergousoff from Saanich Peninsula Literacy about what they've been doing out in the open air down south on the island. Emily Orr talks MOOCs and lifelong learning and Patrick Siebold and Justin bookfight mysteries (with a nerdy bent, go figure)!

Plus we have a supplementary Librarians Off the Radio interview with local author Chevy Stevens about her new book Those Girls.

Librarianautica - Hunting Lunch - Aug 4/15

Justin Unrau and Emily Orr read selections by Michael Pollan, David Byrne, Jorge Luis Borges, and Shirley Jackson on this appetizing storytime exploration of getting inside other heads.

Librarians on the Road - Jul 21/15

It's summer time and the librarians are hitting the road! Jason Kuffler interviews outlaw racer Alex Roy about his book The Driver, which is an oft-recommended book for guys who don't like leisure reading. Emily Orr recommends audiobooks to keep you occupied and entertained while driving long distances.. And Justin Unrau and Patrick Siebold use a road trip metaphor in the bookfight between Neal Stephenson's new sci-fi novel and China Mieville's political novel about a train gone rogue.

Also we have a supplementary Librarians Off the Radio interview with John Kimantas about kayaking the BC coast.

Librarians on Building Summer Fun - Jun 23/15

In this episode Jason Kuffler interviews the artist for the 2015 BC Summer Reading Club Shayne Letain and Emily Orr follows that up with a Beeps and Boops segment on collections of ebooks for kids. Emily also interviews Bob Blacker from the Write to Read Project, which builds independent libraries in remote first nations communities in BC. The episode closes out with a bookfight between Jason Kuffler and Campbell River's Emily Mathews all about the romance genre (and subgenres).

Librarianautica - Wild Musical Beasts - Jun 9/15

Justin Unrau and Emily Orr read stories and excerpts from novels in the first storytime for grownups show on Changes. This episode includes "Killswitch" by Catherynne M. Valente, "The Werewolf" by Angela Carter, Festival Man by Geoff Berner, "New York is Killing Me" and The Vulture by Gil Scott-Heron, Watership Down by Richard Adams, The Bees by Laline Paull, and "How to Justify a Private Library" by Umberto Eco.

Librarians on Pages and Pixels - May 26/15

This episode is all about comics and the amazing things you can do with words and pictures. Justin Unrau tells tales of his nerd vacation to Toronto, which includes a conversation with Scott McCloud. Jason Kuffler moderates a live (comic)bookfight with Patrick Siebold with high stakes and a dramatic finish. Emily Orr kicks off a new regular segment called Beeps and Boops on the digital aspects of literary life with a discussion of interactive comics and their possible advantages in literacy applications over print comics. So many things you can do with visual communication -- on the radio, the most visual of all media!

Also we have a supplementary Librarians Off the Radio interview with Nevin Arnold, a Vancouver Island writer, artist and publisher of comics.

Librarians on Tales and Poetry - Apr 7/15

In this National Poetry Month episode we have a special report from Emily Orr talking to kids about a literacy project involving Tales the Whale, the Vancouver Island Regional Library mascot. Plus we have an extended rap-battle between Patrick Siebold and Justin Unrau (disappointment warning: neither Patrick nor Justin rap on air) pitting Watch the Throne against Ill Communication. We also talk about angsty teen poetry and fail to make multilingual five-peak-mountain puns.

Librarians on the Freedom to Read (with Irvine Welsh) - Feb 24/15

To celebrate intellectual freedom, in this episode of Librarians on the Radio Jason Kuffler interviews Irvine Welsh (of Trainspotting fame) about the writer's experience of censorship and about his new book. Patrick Siebold and Justin Unrau square off in a "Banned in Guantanamo Bay" Bookfight and Emily Orr is on to discuss the different ways we deal with Freedom to Read when we're talking about ebooks. The extra podcast content mentioned late in the show is available as the first episode of Librarians Off the Radio (see below)

Librarians Off the Radio - Freedom to Read Week 2015

We couldn't fit all our Freedom to Read Week 2015 material into the Librarians on the Radio show, so please enjoy our first episode of the web-exclusive Librarians Off the Radio. This show's a half hour of VIRL librarians reading things people get told not to, and talking a little bit about why it's important to make all sorts of viewpoints available.

Librarians on Literacy on Ice - Jan 20/15

We have two BCHL players from the Nanaimo Clippers in studio to talk with Jason Kuffler about what life is like in a league where Smart Hockey is important, and also to chat about the Score With Reading program. Justin Unrau interviews Colleen Nelson about making family literacy a part of people's everyday lives. Patrick Siebold and Justin have a (less than bloodthirsty) Bookfight and we share a pile of Family Literacy Day activities happening around Vancouver Island before the end of the month.

Librarians on Hope and Holidays - Dec 16/14

We have an interview with Scott Bonner from the Ferguson Public Library on December 16th's episode of Librarians on the Radio. Plus, you'll hear a holiday story about latkes, rapid-fire movie debating and some talk about true crime radio stories and how they can take over a book club.

Librarians on DIY Storytelling - Nov 4/14

This episode introduces us to National Novel Writing Month as well as Building Stories at the Library with Lego Clubs and Role Playing Games. The Book Fight pits two Space Operas against each other: Matter vs. Neptune's Brood. Justin Unrau hosts, with guests Jason Kuffler, children's librarian Kaylea Prime, and Book Fight opponent Patrick Siebold.

Librarians on Culture Days - Sept 23/14

Librarians on the Radio welcomes Justin Unrau to the studio to talk about books that he might (or might not) swap; then Jason Kuffler and Justin talk with authors Nathaniel Moore and A.J. Mittendorf. Jason adds a number of very cool event announcements, including the upcoming Culture Days and The Great Cardboard Challenge.

Librarians on Shiny New Buildings - Aug 12/14

Join Jason Kuffler as he comments on the latest entertaining "book fight" from Justin and Patrick in Campbell River, finds out about the Vancouver Island Regional Library system's e-resources from Emily Orr, and interviews Manager Stephen R. Warren of the brand new, teen-friendly North Nanaimo branch. He even mentions Culture Days, coming up in late September, as well as the Summer Reading Club wrap parties at several branches.

Librarians on Summer Reading - Jun 24/14

Join Jason Kuffler as he talks with VIRL's Courtenay Branch Manager about summer reading programs for children, teens, and adults; two librarians from Campbell River duke it out over the best summer book, and children's book illustrator Jeremy Tankard talks about his art.

The Library is a Happening Place - Jun 10/14

Join Jason Kuffler as he tells Marjorie and Suzanne about things that you never imagined happening at the library. Jason is with the Gabriola branch of the Vancouver Island Regional Library system and also a host of Librarians on the Radio, which will soon become part of Changes. If you catch this before June 13 (14 on Gabriola), listen for info. on an unusual author reading!

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