Overdue Fees and Charges

Late charges are assessed if you return your materials after the due date. There is a maximum fine per item.

Late charges are not levied against audiobook users, Books by Mail users, employees, institutions, home delivery customers or Home Delivery Volunteers.

Late charges on Adult and Young Adult materials - $0.30/day

Late charges on Children's materials - $0.10/day

Reference, interlibrary loans, Express Reads, Kits - $1.50/day

Maximum late charge: $10.00/item (Your balance must be less than this amount to borrow library materials).

Lost and damaged charges

  • You will be assessed charges ranging from $1.00 to the full replacement cost of lost or damaged materials.
  • All lost items are subject to a processing fee of $8.00

Replacement library cards

  • Adults $2.00
  • Children $1.00

Payment Plan

If the amounts are such that you are prevented from borrowing, then, in consultation and with the approval of the Library Manager or designate, a payment plan may be offered.  Borrowing limits may be applied during the course of the payment plan.


For a complete list of fees and charges, including non-resident rates, visit our Policy here

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