Email Notification

We can provide you with helpful email notification reminders. Three types of email notifications can be received:

1. Hold Notifications
You will receive an email when your request becomes available. (The notice will include the last day it will be held for you. It will be held until the local closing time on that day.)

2. Due Date (Courtesy) Notices
Courtesy Notice emails are sent 3 days before your item is due. Please note: not receiving a Courtesy Notice does not exempt fines from being applied to your account.

3. Overdue Notices
Overdue notices are sent 3, 7, 21, and 35 days after the item was due.

Technical Considerations:

Date Due Alerts will list your name and the titles that are due.
Some families share computers and e-mail accounts and may not wish to have library notices with this type of information arriving to a common mailbox.

Email messages are sent from: donotreply [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca

The subject of the emails are any of the following:

Item(s) coming due at Vancouver Island Regional Library

Item(s) overdue at Vancouver Island Regional Library

Item(s) ready for pickup at Vancouver Island Regional Library



If you set filters in your email system to high security, our e-mail address may appear as “spam”. To fix this, try entering as a domain from which you are willing to accept e-mail.

Please use My VIRL to keep your email address up to date.
Questions about your holds or overdues should be directed to your local branch.

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