Lorena Dulay

Lorena (Rena) Dulay, Tsawout Elder, welcomed guests to the Sidney/North Saanich Library’s first Indigenous Voices event with a prayer.  Rena told us her traditional name That-Sul-Wut had been given to her by her great grandmother who lived on Valdes Island, the Lyackson First Nation’s ancestral homeland.  Rena talked about her experiences participating in Indigenous ceremonies, including talking circles, sweat lodges and Sun Dances.  She explained how these traditions were a form of prayer, healing, and remembrance.      Rena talked about burning ceremonies where the favourite foods of loved ones who had passed are prepared and burned in order to feed them.   Rena told us a story about preparing for a burning ceremony and hearing the voice of her loved one tell her to put another fish on his plate, and she gladly complied.   With honesty and openness, with lots of laughter and occasional tears, Rena talked about the life lessons drawn from these experiences.   In closing, Rena talked about finding alternate ways in which you can heal yourself, whether sharing your stories with others, keeping a diary, or even hugging a tree.  Audience members ranged from homeschoolers to seniors, all grateful for the opportunity to spend time with Rena.  

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