Summer Reading Club

It's time to embark on a reading adventure!

Thanks for joining us this summer! Summer Reading Club will be back in 2019.

Each summer, Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) offers a free Summer Reading Club to help children stay on top of this important skill while they are out of school.  Summer Reading Club motivates kids to read by providing:

  • Materials so kids can track their reading success: prizes, reading records, stickers, an interactive website, and other reading-related information and activities.
  • Medals for all children who complete a reading record.
  • Kick-off and wind-up parties at the library to celebrate Summer Readers’ successes.
  • Supportive library staff to help kids enjoy reading.

Summer Reading Club is for all children ages 0-12!

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I join?

Register online or go to any branch of Vancouver Island Regional Library:

  • Kids are welcome to register throughout July and early August.
  • Watch for Summer Reading Club events happening all summer at your local branch!

How do I win prizes?

You get a chance to win a prize each time you have seven entries filled out in your Reading Record.  Then visit your library to enter the book prize draw!

How do I use the Reading Record?

The record has 7 lines per page. Every time you read something, or someone reads to you, simply fill in a line in your reading record.  

  • If you read a little every day and record each reading session, you’ll have a page filled out in one week, and the reading record will be full by the end of the summer. (That’s easy!)
  • Enter a prize draw in the library every time you fill in a page.
  • When you fill up your reading record, get another one from the library. 
  • Once you have filled up one reading record, you are eligible for a Reading Achievement Medal. Ask at your branch how the medals are awarded.

I can't decide what to read.  Do you have any suggestions?

Visit the Vancouver Island Regional Library's Books & Stories page.  You'll find plenty of suggestions there, separated into categories such as Awards, Recommended Reading and Staff Picks, and eStories.

How can I find Summer Reading Club events at my library?

Visit the Vancouver Island Regional Library Programs & Events page and select your branch from the drop-down menu, or drop-in and ask at your local library!

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