Here are some websites to help with your homework:

A+ Click is a website where you can find practice questions in all areas of math from K - 12. It will show you the correct answer and where you went wrong.

ABCya! Come to this website certified by school teachers to play free educational math and word games (K-5).

BBC Primary Languages - French is a great website for kids to play French games, watch French videos and expand your French vocabulary using free flashcards!

BBC - Religion & Ethics - if you're doing a project on world religions, this is your site! Fascinating, current articles on world religions.

Bescherelle is a website where you can take free online quizzes to test your French spelling, vocabulary and conjugation. You can print flashcards and rule sheets for verb conjugations as well!

Bill Nye the Science Guy is a household name for kids and families learning science. Check out Bill's website for videos, articles, and home experiments!

BJ Pinchbeck's Homework Helper is one of the highest rated homework help sites on the Web. Games and quizzes demonstrate the Dewey Decimal System. Developed by ThinkQuest kids and their teacher in Jonesboro, Arkansas.

Book Adventure is a website maintained by Sylvan Learning and allows kids to keep track of book they read, take quizzes and earn prizes for their reading success.

British Columbia Curriculum Guide  Check here to find out the province's mathematics curriculum and performance standards.

British Museum - Ancient Greece A treasure trove of information on the daily life of a Grecian, including culture, religion, geography, and much much more.

Canada's History for Kids this website is funded by the Canadian Government through the Department of Heritage and offers fun facts, games, videos, contests and activities on all things Canadian.

Canadian Treasure Trek is a fun game where you sail and discover Canada's geographical gems and find buried treasure.

Canadian First Nations Index (Canadian Encyclopedia) If you're doing a project about First Nations look here first! This website also provides further links and information on the Metis, Inuit and Dene.

Canadian Geographic Kids Explore Canadian geography and wildlife! Play educational games, watch slideshows and much more.

The Canadian Encyclopedia is an enhanced digital interactive encyclopedia that provides accurate, updated information about Canada, it's people and country. A French version is available as well.

Climate Kids offers kids clear answers to questions on global warming and climate change. Subjects include weather, air, ocean, fresh water, carbon, energy, plants, animals, and technology. The site also includes educational games, activities, crafts, videos and more.

Disney Jeux is a fun and interactive website where you can play games based on all your favourite Disney characters.

DOGO News The leading source for current events, news and non-fictional content for kids K-8. With thousands of news articles and new original content added daily, it is a great source of current events for students, teachers and schools.

EcoKids is a free, environmental education program that offers curriculum-linked materials and activities for Canadian elementary schools to engage in environmental action.

Figure This! is a website created by the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. It's a great site full of fun and engaging challenges.

First Among Equals: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics  - If you're doing a project on Canadian Politics, you should check this website out. The website looks at the job of the Prime Minister and past PMs.

KidsHealth is an awesome site for all things about the human body. There's information on disease and health problems, but also about staying healthy and providing fun recipes. Also, check out their Kids' Medical Dictionary!

The Official Robert Munsch Site Ever wanted to hear a Robert Munsch read out loud his books in person? Check out his website for the next best thing and listen to his stories online! There's also great fan art and more fun activities.

Nasa Kids' Club a great site for kids interested in space! The site features puzzles, games, educational colouring pages, and much more!

The National Film Board - History Channel The NFB site is an invaluable site of Canadian content. The History Channel specifically features videos and movies on Canada, the American Revolution, New England and New France, and two World Wars (& much more!).

Science Fair Project Resource Guide. An excellent resource from the Internet Public Library that links kids to all sorts of resources for their science fair projects, or just for fun projects at home.

Sheppard Software Free Math Games has many online games that are designed to improve your addition and subtraction skills.

Starfall is a full site aimed at building up the reading skills of kids ages K-2. A really excellent site to improve early literacy skills.

Story Starters Are your children interested in writing their own stories? Check out Scholastic's story starter that prompts kids to be creative and imagine their own stories! There's also a great Teacher's Guide included as well.

Volcano World If you're looking for images and facts on your project on volcanoes, look no further!

Wikijunior - A Wiki just for kids, find information on "How Things Work," the "Solar System" and much more!

WordReference is a free online language dictionary that defines common words and modern slang in both French and English

The World of Beverly Cleary Doing a book report on Ramona and Beezus? Check out Beverly Cleary's website for interviews with the author to games and other fun facts and activities.

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