"From Thomas to Train Conductor," with Dr. Suzanne Jacobsen

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11/26/2013 - 6:30pm

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Navigating Unplanned and Unexpected Roadblocks: Life for a Child with Special Needs

Every parent-to-be dreams about the upcoming life of their unborn child and imagines the child’s potential accomplishments. For many parents, these dreams are shattered when their child is diagnosed with a complex developmental disability or autism spectrum disorder. In North America, nearly one in fifty children will receive a diagnosis of a developmental disability during their childhood years.

From Thomas to Train Conductor, a newly published book by local author, Suzanne Jacobsen, documents the journey of one family confronted with the daunting challenges of navigating the health and education systems for their child, who was diagnosed at age two with a complex developmental disability (i.e. autism spectrum PDD-NOS, Apraxia, Developmental Coordination Disorder). Both parents were educators who have worked with children with developmental disabilities routinely in their professional lives, but these experiences had not prepared them for the challenges they would face. From Thomas to Train Conductor illustrates the extent of advocacy and direct involvement required for their son to achieve his full potential.

A must read for all parents, grandparents, friends and professionals who will inevitably experience some children with special needs. This book will inspire parents and caregivers to question, stand up, be informed and actively engage in the journey of supporting their child from childhood to adulthood, and to not be discouraged or derailed by professionals along the way.

Suzanne Jacobsen is a mother sharing her personal story. She is also a psychologist, educator and behaviour analyst with extensive experience working with individuals with special needs, including autism. She is an advocate, who in her own journey to meet the challenges faced by her son, has offered a great deal to other families who are beset by systems that frequently ignore the pressing needs of their extraordinary children.


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