Smash and Stab Tournament

Geekcon, VIRL, Harbourfront library, SMash brothers, Nanaimo, Free
Date & Time:
03/25/2017 - 1:00pm - 3:00pm

Phone: 250-753-1154 x.238

Prove yourself the ultimate boss onscreen and off in our seventh Smash & Stab tournament! For the first time ever, this tournament is being offered completely free of charge! Battle your opponents in Smash Bros. Wii U, then pick up a weapon and duel in real life. Dominate the controller and the blade in a double elimination ladder tournament to come out as the ultimate victor and claim fabulous prizes. Can you claim victory?


Players will compete in a double elimination ladder tournament. The first round will be a best of 3, 6 minute, 3 stock Smash Bros. match. The second will be a first to five points with a two point lead, one-on-one duel using foam-padded melee weapons. Be sure to guard your hands, because then it’s back to another round of Smash Bros.
Competitors who lose one match will join the losers bracket and have another chance to battle their way back to the top.

Super Smash Bros. Rules
• Preliminary matches will be played on random maps, with all items set to low.
• Semi-finals will be played on Battlefield with all items set to low.
• Finals will be played on Final Destination with no items.
• No custom characters will be allowed.

• WiiU Pro Controllers, Classic Controllers, Wiimote, Wiimote + Nunchuck, 3DS and Gamecube controllers are allowed.
• Players can bring their own controllers.

Weapon Fighting Rules
• Preliminary match weapons will be randomly decided.
• Rounds will allow, or disallow off-hand weapons based on a coin toss at the start of the round.
• Off-hands can either be an appropriate weapon or a shield.
• Outside weapons are allowed, as long as they are Calimacil, or Epic Armoury. All outside weapons are used at the risk of the owner of the weapon.
• Final round will be open weapon format, allowing both single and dual hand.
• All players will show adequate restraint in attacks
• All players will show sportsmanlike conduct during the tournament
• All players will respect and obey the commands of the referees

Weapon categories:
• Any Weapon under 23”
• Any Weapon 24” to 35”
• Any Weapon 36” to 42”
• Any Weapon 43” and up

• Pole arms aren’t allowed.

Sparring Gear
• Outside helmets can be used upon inspection (see our House Rules page for more details)
• Belts, frogs, etc. are allowed
• Standard sparring and protective gear is recommended

Don't want to participate? Don't worry, spectators are encouraged to come out and watch all the action in person!


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