Reduce Stress and Relieve Tension - Any Body Can Learn!

Date & Time:
03/27/2013 - 6:30pm

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Do you find yourself “stressed out” too often?   Are you prone to muscle tightness and headaches?  Do you feel like you are spending too much effort and energy to accomplish daily activities?

Many times, strain and discomfort are symptoms of how we misuse our body in daily activities.  Your body is designed for efficient and easy movement, but tension and un-needed habits have been layered over this natural coordination.  Your ability to notice and control the amount of tension in your body needs to be trained through your kinaesthetic sense.  Through increased awareness and re-education, you can learn to monitor your reactions to move with ease and fluidity.

In this one-hour introductory talk and demonstration, learn basic ideas about your body’s natural design.  Learn how you can change long-standing habits to improve your health.  We will explore specific ideas about noticing muscle tightness and releasing tension.  This event is led by Heather Walker, a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique.

Please note: a certified teacher of the Alexander Technique does not diagnose illness and does not prescribe medical treatment.  This is an educational event, designed to heighten your awareness and knowledge, which will empower you to change your habits. 

With Alexander Technique…“we already notice, with growing amazement, very striking improvements in such diverse things as high blood pressure, breathing, depth of sleep, overall cheerfulness and mental alertness, resilience against outside pressures, and in such a refined skill as playing a musical instrument…”
Professor Nicholas Tinbergen, Nobel Prize winner for medicine and physiology


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