Narco Cultura: Documentary Night at the Library

Date & Time:
01/19/2015 - 6:00pm

Phone: 250-746-7661

We know too much about Mexico's drug war and not enough. We hear about it constantly, about the 60,000 murders and the slaughter of innocents, but getting a sense of what that means on the ground — and how pervasive its cultural influence is — is harder to come by. The potent documentary Narco Cultura is an excellent place to start.

"This dispassionate but devastating film looks at the drug wars from two very different but chillingly complementary perspectives… What this film does is reveal two very different societies — both exhibiting, each in its own way, unmistakable signs of collapse. What's happening on the ground in Juarez, an epicenter of killing sometimes known as the murder capital of the world, is bad enough, but how that slaughter is reflected and refracted through the lens of Mexican American popular culture is in some ways equally shocking.“   -Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times


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