Join us for an afternoon of stories from Jim Christy

Date & Time:
08/13/2013 - 11:00am

Phone: 250-652-6121

Join us for an afternoon of stories from the author of Sweet Assorted: 121 Takes From a Tin Box by Jim Christy.

Half-finished notes, scrawled snippets of conversation,observations made on the run, photographs of people known and unknown, scraps of paper with puzzling sketches on them, receipts, matchpacks, postcards, and other assorted paraphernalia … have all ended up in a Peek Frean’s tin biscuit box. For nearly forty years, Jim Christy has thrown—willynilly,and with neither rhyme nor reason—such seemingly random items into the box. There has been absolutely no system to it; maybe, the author says, “I thought ‘I’ll pay more attention to this later’ or, perhaps, ‘I’ve got to check that one out some day…give it the attention it deserves.’” Being a restless traveller, investigative journalist and raconteur, many of these items have rich and alluring stories attached to them. The Peek Frean’s biscuit box has provided the essential ingredients for a fascinating assortment of highly entertaining anecdotal tales.


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