The Haida Gwaii Detour, Alfred Cool @ The Harbourfront Branch

The Haida Gwaii Detour, Alfred
Date & Time:
03/07/2018 - 6:30pm - 7:30pm

Phone: 250-753-1154 x.238

Today, Haida Gwaii draws mainly global tourists to its rocky shores, serene forests, and Haida culture each year. Currently  facing a decreasing availability of forestry jobs, and tensions between the BC Government (BC Timber Sales) and the Haida Nation, Haida Gwaii is still much the same now as it was back in 1985. Detour will take readers back through time, to show the promise of the land and the potential adventure it still holds.

This story is told from the perspective of residing on the islands, not from the perspective of the tourist. The characters in the novel are real, or composites of real people. The scenes are real, the timing is real, the life is real.” –Al Cool, author.

About the Author

Prolific writer Al Cool has won first and third place awards in short story contests, has published stories in Toronto’s Danforth Review and New York’s The Otter e-zines, has contributed to three Canadian anthologies, and is the author of five published West Coast novels. He majored in English at Simon Fraser University and completed a Masters equivalent in Creative Writing with Sam Hiyate at THE RIGHTS FACTORY (2016).

As an environmentalist, Al uses his writing as a way to educate the public on key issues in Canada. “I often write about the environment and I deplore Canada’s involvement in the nuclear energy lie, having worked in a Uranium mining camp.” (inspiration for the Hottest Place on Earth.) “I think that while people are basically good, absolute power corrupts. People have to push back and writers should be part of the vanguard leading the way.”

A long time Vancouver Islander, Al has had many professions and accomplishments:  Author; Logger; Mountaineer; Boxer; Programmer and Systems Analyst; Teacher; and an Environmentalist. Through these uniquely Canadian tales, Al brings to life the raw and bold characters living where Canada’s mountains meet Earth’s greatest ocean.


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