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01/01/2018 - 04/30/2018

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Joelle Samson, Library Manager


jsamson [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca


Nathalie Jones, Customer Services Librarian-Children and Youth Services


njones [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca


Gillian Connors, Customer Services Librarian-Adult Services


GConnors [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca

Your Library has so much to offer! Book a session with one of our Librarians to explore our many services, such as how to use our new catalogue, check out eBooks and eMagazines, study languages online and find information on a specific topic. To book an appointment, call 250-287-3655 or email crinfo [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca or email campbellriver [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca.


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