"Base Camp: 40 Days on Everest"

Date & Time:
05/29/2014 - 6:30pm

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Join Dianne Whelan, award winning Canadian documentary film maker and photographer, as she shares a multi-media presentation of her time on Mt. Everest.

In 2010, Dianne traveled to Nepal to shoot Base Camp: 40 Days on Everest. She is the first female to shoot a film on the worlds highest mountain. She has recently published a book relating her experiences.

In this a personal and eye-opening exposé, Dianne Whelan shares gripping stories of Maoist rebels, avalanches and dead bodies surfacing out of a dying glacier. From her perspective at base camp Whelan interviews climbers, doctors and Sherpas all living for months on end in the belly of the mountain as they wait for a weather window to summit the top of the world. Woven into the personal stories of these climbers is the devastating truth of the human impact on the mountain and the eerie and unforeseen effects of climate change.

In her presentations, Dianne shares stunning photos and stories from the new book, as well as never-before-seen outtakes from the original documentary, 40 Days at Base Camp, a film which had its world premiere at the Vancouver International Film Festival and was the opening night film at the Banff Mountain Film Festival.


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