Author Reading: Bill Engleson

Book cover: Confessions of an Inadvertently Gentrifying Soul
Date & Time:
10/21/2017 - 2:00pm

Phone: 250-334-3369 ext. 4

Denman Island author, Bill Engleson, will be reading excerpts from (and signing copies of) his latest book, Confessions of an Inadvertently Gentrifying Soul at the Courtenay branch.

Engleson’s second book, unlike his gritty debut novel, Like a Child to Home, is a mostly whimsical, occasionally embarrassing collection of humorous literary essays which explore the many ludicrous facets of an urban life force-fed into a small rural outpost.

Most of the essays first saw life in Denman Island’s flagship monthly journal, the Flagstone.

From pretty much the first moment Engleson set his fastidiously soft spirit on the rough and tumble shores of Denman, he was compelled to seek answers to a most vexatious question: “Why am I here?”

Each essay served to slowly reveal to him and his community that there may not be an actual answer.

Nevertheless, if Jack Hodgins, author and winner of the Lieutenant Governor’s award for Literary Excellence in 2006 and an Order of Canada inductee in 2009, is any judge, and he, without a doubt, is, Confessions of an Inadvertently Gentrifying Soul is a delightful read.

As Hodgins says:

The chapter titles tell us much. “Turnip Love.” “Up and Down the Garbage Chute.” In fact, the Table of Contents alone may put a smile on your face that will last the whole time you are reading this book…except when you catch yourself laughing out loud. Bill Engleson is lively, entertaining, wise and full of surprises.”


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