Prohibiting Customers from Entering VIRL

The purpose of this policy is to support the Rules of Conduct.  VIRL will impose penalties on any person who does not comply with the VIRL Rules of Conduct. Any person who contravenes the Rules of Conduct will be prohibited from entering VIRL for such period of time as determined by the Library Manager after consulting with the appropriate Director of Library Services.

The Circulation Supervisor, Acting Circulation Supervisor, Assistant Circulation Supervisor or staff member having the branch supervision responsibility premium will direct the person who is in contravention of the Rules of Conduct to leave VIRL. The Library Manager will be notified at the earliest opportunity and an incident form will be completed.

The Library Manager has authority to prohibit the person from entering the VIRL after consultation with the appropriate Director of Library Services, and will send a letter to the person to inform them of the reasons they are prohibited from entering VIRL and the time period within which this prohibition is to apply. A copy of the letter will be forwarded to the Circulation Supervisor, Director of Library Services and local police detachment.

Appeal Process for Customers Prohibited from Entering VIRL

A person has a right to request a hearing to dispute a prohibition from entering a VIRL branch. An appeal must be in writing and filed within 14 days of the date of the letter of notification. When an appeal is received by VIRL, it is reviewed by one of the Directors of Library Services and a hearing will be scheduled. Hearings may be conducted over the telephone or in person as determined by the Director of Library Services.

After the hearing, the Director of Library Services prepares a written report with recommendations. The report is then reviewed by the Executive Director who can affirm, amend, or reverse the decision made with respect to the prohibition. If the Executive Director concurs with the Director of Library Services’ recommendations, the Executive Director signs the written report and the final order will be communicated in writing to the parties.

The person may appeal the final order to the Board. Requests must be in writing, addressed to the Chair of the Board and submitted within 14 days from the date of the final order. The Board will strike a committee of the Chair, Vice-Chair and past Chair to review any appeal of final order.

The Board Committee can recommend that the final order be affirmed, amended or reversed. The final decision of the Board will be communicated to all parties.

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