Event: Teddy Bear Picnic

Start Date: 
August 11th 2011

Bring your favorite stuffie and be ready for a sweet snack!  All ages welcome.

Event: Veggie Art

Start Date: 
August 4th 2011

Make your own art using veggies as stamps.  All ages welcome

Event: Mouthwatering Maki

Start Date: 
July 28th 2011

Make your own candy sushi.  Smaller hands can try candy jewelry instead.  All ages are welcome.

Event: Play with Your Food

Start Date: 
August 18th 2011

Join us for stories, rhymes and songs. Print a picture using all kinds of food. Paint, inks and food for printing will be provided.

Event: Green Thumbs

Start Date: 
July 21st 2011

Join us to create your own bean terrarium.  All ages are welcome

Event: Smoothies with Raw Rose

Start Date: 
August 16th 2011

Learn how to make a delicious smoothie with raw cookery diva Rose Vasile. Enjoy a yummy sample and learn all about healthy food.

Event: Pasta Pot Stories

Start Date: 
August 15th 2011

Strega Nona has a magic pasta pot. Come hear all about it and stay for a pasta inspired craft.

All Ages           Drop-in

Event: Puppet Play

Start Date: 
July 14th 2011

Exercise your funny bone and join us for this hilarious play.  All ages are welcome.

Event: Potter-tastic Trivia

Start Date: 
July 8th 2011

Think you know everything about Harry and his Hogwarts pals? Prove it and maybe win movie passes or other prizes! Just in time for Deathly Hallows pt. 2.

Event: It's a Wrap Party!

Start Date: 
August 20th 2011

Let’s celebrate a summer full of reading! Glenn Kachmar entertains with the Dry Ice Show.

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