Event: Summer Reading Club @ QB

Start Date: 
August 9th 2018

Go Gadget - free play with Lego, Duplo, board games & cardboard challenge.

All ages, drop in

Prize draw at 11

Event: Summer Reading Club @ QB - Musical fun with Gerry Barnum

Start Date: 
August 2nd 2018

Bust a move, with musician Gerry Barnum and his Band in a Box.

 Fun for all ages, but most suitable for under 8s.  Drop in.

Prize draw held at 11

Event: Summer Reading Club @ QB

Start Date: 
July 26th 2018

Blast off - crafts with aliens and rockets. All ages, drop in.

Weekly prize draw @ 11

Event: Summer Reading Club @ QB

Start Date: 
July 12th 2018

Shake, rattle & roll. Crafts and stories about animals and insects. Make a mask of your favourite animal or a paper plate butterfly.

Event: SRC Grand Finale with the Raptors!

Start Date: 
August 17th 2018

Celebrate the end of the Summer Reading Club and encounter some amazing hunting birds at the library! Children of all ages.

Event: Gears, Gears, Gears!

Start Date: 
August 10th 2018

The ultimate in moving design challenges. What could you create with pieces that move, roll, and connect? Awesome fpr LEGO lovers!

Event: Stuffie Sleepover and Build-A-Bed

Start Date: 
August 3rd 2018

Come and build your stuffie an awesome bed and give them the chance to spend the night, unsupervised, at the library. Pick them up the next day and see what they have been up to.

Event: Read, Play, Win! Family Literacy Day.

Start Date: 
July 25th 2018

Would you believe literacy isn’t just about books and reading?

Event: Paper Building

Start Date: 
July 27th 2018

You can build the most amazing things out of paper! Come practice some origami designs and create beautiful folded artwork. Children of all ages.

Event: Ice Cream in a Bag

Start Date: 
July 20th 2018

Beat the summer heat with your very own homemade ice cream! Lactose free options available. Children of all ages.

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