Event: Histories of Canoes in the Pacific Northwest

 gus williams, cowichan, canoes,duncan, indigenous, indian, native, first nation
Start Date: 
November 6th 2017
Join us to hear Gus Williams speak of a time when water was the west's highway - an era when canoes travelled up and down the coast, and even across the ocean.

Event: Short Histories of First Peoples of the Cowichan Valley

gus williams, cowichan valley, duncan, indigenous, indian, native, first nations
Start Date: 
September 25th 2017

Join us as Gus Williams shares his knowledge of the histories of peoples indigenous to the Cowichan Valley.

Event: Science Literacy Week @Harbourfront: Inventing with littleBits

Start Date: 
September 22nd 2017

Calling all future inventors! If you have a vision, we have the parts and know-how. Come and build your creation using littleBits, which are easy-to-use electronic building blocks.

Event: Science Literacy Week @Harbourfront: Science Themed Storytime

Start Date: 
September 21st 2017

Join us for a half hour of scientific adventure through songs, stories, and rhymes. Practice your early literacy skills while picking up a few scientific facts along the way.

Event: Science Literacy Week @Harbourfront: Engineering Challenge: Egg Drop

Start Date: 
September 20th 2017

Looking for an engineering challenge? Come learn about gravity with a hands-on approach. Your task is to create a structure that will protect an egg from a drop off our second floor.

Event: Science Literacy Week @Harbourfront: Movie Night: Life Off Grid, A film about disconnecting

Start Date: 
September 19th 2017

A two-year journey exploring the lives of Canadians in every province and territory who have made the choice to disconnect.

Event: Science Literacy Week @Harbourfront: How Stuff Works: The Science of Everyday Appliances

Start Date: 
September 19th 2017

Ever wonder how stuff works? Are you curious about what’s inside your keyboard, toaster, or television?

Event: Science Literacy Week @Harbourfront: Kitchen Chemistry: Ocean in a Bottle

Start Date: 
September 18th 2017

Join us for a crafty chemistry lesson on how oil, water, and solids interact. Participants will be making their very own “ocean in a bottle”to take home.

Event: Science Literacy Week: Valley Families Let's Get Experimental!

Start Date: 
September 23rd 2017

Put on your labcoat and let's get experimental!

Event: Science Literacy Week: Lego Robotics

Photo of Fllying Lemur EV3 Lego Robot
Start Date: 
September 20th 2017

Interested in coding? Want to learn about Lego robots?

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