Book Clubs and Book Club Sets

What do we get in the set?

Each set contains up to 12 copies of one title and a discussion guide in a tote bag.  Most sets are Fiction books and some are popular non-fiction titles. 

Sets are convenient because you and your members know that you will all have a copy of the book you are reading at the same time.  The library often will not have enough available regularly circulating copies of one title for your book club, and a common complaint from book club members who do not use library book club sets is that it is a struggle and/or expensive to find titles that their members choose. 

How do we borrow them?

A registered library user may apply for a book club card on behalf of a reading group.  Up to two people may be issued these library cards and they are responsible for the sets borrowed.  Requests may be placed on any title in our Book Club Collection (use the Available Now filter to see ones that are checked in).  You can have up to 10 requested holds for sets at one time (effective December 1, 2017).  Come to your local branch with your book club's name.   You can also browse the sets in person at the Nanaimo North branch.

What is the loan period?

Book club sets are available for loan for six weeks.  They may be renewed once if there are no other requests, though sets tend to be very popular and have holds on them. Book clubs may borrow a maximum of two titles at one time.

How do we return the set?

The book club set, containing 12 copies of the book plus the discussion guide, should be returned in the VIRL bag to the circulation desk of your local branch. It is important to return all items together in the bag because the set is not considered returned unless all pieces are there.  Often your book club set will not fit it in the library's book drop, so you will want to make sure you return it to your local branch during regular library hours.

If one or more copies of the book in a set are not returned, or are returned damaged, you will be charged replacement and processing costs for each missing or damaged copy.

Late fees of $1.50/day will be charged starting December 1, 2017 to a maximum fine of $10 per set

Once I request a set, when will it arrive?

We understand that it can be tricky to ensure you have a set available for your book club meeting. Depending on your location, and how many holds are on a set, it can become difficult to predict when your requested set will arrive. A strategy to best enjoy the benefits of the book club sets is to decide with your group on some possible titles to read and have your authorized book club card holders monitor the progress of your holds, then read which ever set arrives when you need one for a meeting.  Some clubs find it useful to suspend their holds on certain titles to ensure that they arrive at a convenient time. 

Unfortunately, sets can be delayed for a variety of reasons. Your local branch can help you request a set that is currently available so you are not left without a book selection for your meeting.

How do I go about having my own book club?

Take a look at these resources to get started:

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More Questions?

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