Executive Leadership Group

    Rosemary Bonanno

    Executive Director, BA, MLS

    rbonanno [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca


    Reporting directly to the Board, the Executive Director plans, organizes and directs all library operations and services, and recommends strategic directions to the Board. The Executive Director is responsible for executing the strategic, tactical and operational efficiencies consistent with the Board’s Mission, Vision and Values.

    Anne O´Shea

    Deputy Executive Director / COO

    aoshea [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca

    The Deputy Executive Director serves as the Chief Operating Officer and is responsible for the overall management of operations and service activities at VIRL, including supporting the ED in strategic planning, budget development and system-wide goals.

    Joel Adams

    Director of Finance

    jadams [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca


    The Director of Finance plays a key role in system-wide strategic planning and provides advice to the Library Board. The position is responsible for the overall management and administration of the finance division working in the areas of finance, facilities, and purchasing.

    David Carson

    Director, Corporate Communications and Strategic Initiatives

    dcarson [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca

    250.753.1154 x 248

    The Director of Corporate Communications and Strategic Initiatives ensures that VIRL’s strategic plan is executed through initiatives, promotions, and marketing. The position advises and steers VIRL in the areas of media relations and internal and external communications with stakeholders.

    Lisa House

    Director, Human Resources

    lhouse [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca


    The Director of Human Resources organizes, directs and controls all Human Resources functions at VIRL and manages VIRL’s Human Resources policy. The Director provides advice and guidance the Executive Director, Board and management in all matters relating to human resources and labour relations.

    Melissa Legacy

    Director, Library Services and Planning

    mjlegacy [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca

    250.753.1154 ext 240

    The Director of Library Services & Planning oversees the delivery of strategic and tactical library services consistent with VIRL’s mission, vision and values, as well as sponsoring and championing major system-wide projects, reporting results, and evaluating Business Plan initiatives as assigned.

Leadership Team

    Melanie Barnum

    Divisional Manager, Office of the Executive Director

    mbarnum [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca


    Natasha Bartlett

    Divisional Manager, Marketing and Communications/Privacy

    nbartlett [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca

    250.753.1154 x 249

    Jennifer Bond

    Divisional Manager, Finance

    jbond [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca


    David Derby

    Divisional Manager, IT

    dderby [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca


    Paul Maras-Hilling

    Divisional Manager, Facilities

    pmarashilling [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca

    250.753.1154 x 241

    Jason McConnell

    Divisional Manager, Health & Safety

    jmcconnell [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca


    Stephen R Warren

    Assistant Director, Experience and Engagement (South)

    srwarren [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca

    Christian Rasmussen


    Information Technology Operations Manager


     250.758.4697 x 319


     crasmussen [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca

Office of the Executive Director

    Mariah Patterson

    Executive Assistant

    mpatterson [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca


    Sherry Schmidt

    Administrative Assistant

    sschmidt [at] virl [dot] bc [dot] ca


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