Mission, Vision, Values

Mission Statement

To enrich lives and communities through universal access to knowledge, lifelong learning, and literacy.


To develop strong library branches that are vital community destinations for knowledge, inspiration, innovation, and renewal.


Leadership & Innovation

Provide excellence in library services through open communication, teamwork and cooperation, respect and recognition, education and learning, and by incorporating innovative solutions in a quality library environment.

Stewardship & Accountability

We have been entrusted with public resources, and we optimize these resources through responsible and effective management and fiscal integrity.

Information & Literacy

We believe in the importance of informed and literate communities, and we provide services and programs to support lifelong learning.

Intellectual Freedom

We advocate for the right to freedom of expression and free exchange of information and ideas in a democratic society, within the laws of Canada. VIRL endorses the Canadian Library Association’s Statements of Intellectual Freedom.

Collaboration & Partnerships

We foster collaboration and partnerships in our communities to promote lifelong learning and universal access to increase the Library’s capacity and diversity.

Tradition & Technology

We value the tradition of the library and the legacy of the printed word, and embrace the benefits that modern technology provides.

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