The Vancouver Island Regional Library Board recognizes that donations can improve the library by:

  • Supporting the mission and vision of the Vancouver Island Regional Library
  • Providing additional financial support or materials.

This Policy defines the conditions for the acceptance of donations. Gifts of books, materials, or money for the purchase of books, materials, equipment or facility enhancements are welcomed by the library.

Conditions for Accepting Donations

All gifts become the property of the Vancouver Island Regional Library.

Donors may make financial contributions to specific types of materials or collections; however the library cannot guarantee to purchase specific items.

Donated materials which are not needed for the collection may be sold for the benefit of the Library.

For undesignated donations, funds will be attributed to the local branch of the donor, or if no branch is specified will be attributed to the VIRL general fundraising account.

All gifts for which the donor does not request anonymity will be acknowledged by a letter from the Executive Director and also in the annual report.

Specific Conditions for Handling Donations

Current Canada Revenue Agency policy and guidelines will be referred to for the valuation of any donation for tax receipt purposes.

Recognition is given for all donations that are not anonymous. Donor recognition is based on the amount of the donation.

VIRL reserves the right to refuse any donation which is deemed to be not in the best interests of the library.

VIRL will issue an income tax receipt for amounts above $10.00 or, for materials or objects, only if the donor provides a valuation by a recognized expert.

Donor Protection and Confidentiality

VIRL considers and protect the donor's rights and interests.  VIRL will practice full disclosure, guard against undue influence and maintain its fiduciary responsibility in all dealings with donors.

Donor and donor gift information is confidential and can only be released with the express written permission of the donor or the donor's legal representative.

Planned Gifts

Acceptable planned gifts may include:

  •  Bequests
  • Life insurance
  •  Property
  •  Cash
  •  Securities
  •  Annuities
  • Memorial gifts

VIRL may accept planned gifts which support the mission, vision and strategic objectives of the library.

VIRL reserves the right to refuse any planned gift which is deemed to be not in the best interests of the library.

Where no direction is given in a Will, VIRL will determine the appropriate use of the funds or assets received.


Revised: November 2010

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