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The Vancouver Island Regional Library recognizes the importance of members of the public being able to express their viewpoints and opinions on library issues. Therefore, the Library Board provides the opportunity for members of the public to meet with the Board directly as “delegations” at regular public meetings of the Board. People can provide input either as individuals, or as a representative of a group.

In order to appear as a delegation, the following conditions must be met:

  1. Written requests to speak as a delegation must be submitted, in writing, to the Executive Director at least five (5) business days prior to the date of the Board meeting. The request must include details in full of the issue to be addressed and the name of person or organization to be represented. The Board meeting schedule is available at
  2. The Board reserves the right to request additional information regarding a particular issue.
  3. Delegations will be provided with a maximum of 10 minutes to make a presentation to the Board. No more than two persons per delegation may speak to address one issue.
  4. The Board reserves the right to limit the number of delegations per meeting.
  5. Delegations may choose to remain for the balance of the public meeting, but may not speak to other items on the agenda.
  6. The Board, through the Executive Director, will communicate a response.

Public Participation Period

The purpose of the public participation period is to allow members of the public to provide input or to ask questions, and is not an opportunity for debate with the Board or individual board members.

  1. Comments and questions must be addressed to the Chair, not individual board members. Where it is not practical to provide a verbal response, a response will be provided later by letter.
  2. If the Board considers that a matter raised during the public participation period requires action or further discussion, the Board may choose to refer the item to a future meeting.
  3. Members of the public wishing to speak will form a line and wait until they are recognized by the Chair prior to speaking.
  4. In the interests of allowing all individuals an opportunity to be heard, each individual will be allowed to speak for two minutes at a time. However, an individual may speak again, if time allows and there are no individuals waiting who have not yet had an opportunity to speak.
  5. Individuals must state their name and resident address.
  6. Robert’s Rules of Order will apply to the public participation period.


Revised: April 2011

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