Library Policies

Vancouver Island Regional Library (VIRL) Board policies establish the framework within which VIRL operates, both in terms of the services the libraries offer the public, and in terms of the internal administration of the organization.

Through policies, the Board provides the Executive Director with the framework for decision-making, for proposing future direction of the organization, and for running the day-to-day business of the libraries. Operational procedures and guidelines are available in every branch for consultation by users and staff to resolve questions arising on a day-today basis about the provision of services.

Policies are the first place to look when seeking information about established VIRL standards.

Anonymous Communications

Collection Development



Fees & Charges

Friends of the Library

Internet Access



Prohibition and Appeal Process

Request to Appear as a Delegation

Respectful Workplace

Rules of Conduct

Security Video Surveillance

Tangible Capital Assets

Use of Library Space for Art Exhibits / Application to Exhibit Art


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